Knock, the breakthrough monitoring solution:

  • Zero configuration on your end
  • Ready to use metrics
  • Out of the box alerting system
  • Forecast graphs to ease capacity plannings
  • Based on a robust lightweight open source daemon
  • Application compliant via our public SDKs.
  • Compatible with Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat Enterprise - REHL, CentOs)
  • Compatible with Windows (Vista or greater, Server 2008 or greater)
  • Compatible with IOT (Raspberry, Raspbian)
KNOCK Business

3600 free server hours

  •  Service auto-discovering
  •  Application monitoring
  •  Forecast graphs
  •  More than 250 probes / server
  •  More than 70 checks / server
  • 2.1 cents

    per hour

Knock Center

One action to rule them all.

Knock meets your needs

Designed for e-commerce, we provide a full stack 3-tier platforms supervision, from web servers to SQL/NOSQL databases, through caching systems & application servers.
Optimize your costs and your platform efficiency with a trusted & independent supervision third party.
Follow your releases impacts, on all components at server level and moreover at platform level, with our aggregated graphs.
Save time with our Knock dashboard which offers a platform overview in seconds.
Knock is breakthrough cost effective supervision, ready to run in a couple of minutes.
Keep your platform healthy and your business running : Knock offers state of the art supervision, including detailed host & platforms graphs, triggers, and email alerting.
Your time is valuable, we are experts in server platforms, we provide the supervision you need, join us.
Knock delivers a full stack supervision for most popular server softwares, featuring minimal configurations, lightweight open source python agent, ready-to-use managed instances, working & on-duty hours alerting.
Knock innovates with unique platform dashboard featuring aggregated graphs, allowing platform health checks on a single page.
Reliability and security as a priority : Knock uses secured transport layers, multiple platforms isolation using namespaces, robust agent and server code base both covered by unittest, build & automated deployment systems.
We run on a fault tolerant, multi-sites production platform, backed by off-site replications & backups. All this managed by automatic deployment systems, allowing efficient disaster recoveries. Trust us: try Knock now, a free trial is available.
Integrate Knock counters inside your applications with simple SDKs and visualize datas inside your dashboard.
KnockDeamon embeds an UDP Listener, working locally. Your application populate simple counters, which are sent using UDP toward your local KnockDaemon.
You can graphs counters (like requests/second), gauge (like current client baskets), delay-to-count (requests count per time intervals).
You may want to reference new SDKs implementations : contact us.

We have 20 years experience in high performance production platforms, in domains like cartography, social networks, e-commerce, web, mobile, b2b, b2c, apis, big datas... We master multi-threading, multi-processing, co-routines, SQL & NOSQL, networking, caching, asynchronous systems, and much more.
We may offers professional services for platform design, tuning, troubleshooting, profiling, optimization, automated deployment, costs control, capacity planning and so on; all at hardware, system, software & code levels. You may need our expertise? Feel free to contact us.
You plan to use Knock and you need additionnal software or operating system support : contact us.
You have some questions : contact us.

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