The only 100% managed monitoring solution on the market

We fully manage probes and graphs, alerts and associated thresholds. Relying on our expertise, these complex topics are handled by Knock.

This is why we can offer a unique turn-key monitoring solution, which is backed by our Knock Daemon, working in discovery mode on your servers.

Better cost control

You free time on your teams, you avoid monitoring setup and troubleshooting: you can really manage your platform, using our monitoring and alerting systems.

You gain access to a unique view of your platform : synthetic dashboard, aggregated graphs, detailed server graphs.

We ease your capacity planning : we offer in standard forecasting support for all graphs.

We have no hidden costs. You pay for what you use. You gain access to new components support when released.

Full stack server support

We support front-end stack with web servers and web caching servers.

We support back-end stack with application servers, SQL and NOSQL servers and key/value stores.

We offer open source SDKs to integrate your own probes inside your application code.

Security and clearness

Your managed namespace is isolated, with dedicated server services and databases.

Knock Daemon code is open source and uses secure transport to communicate with your managed namespace.

Your monitoring datas are yours. We can deliver, in option, secured datas backups.

We can also look into specific topics or on-premise platform requests.

Running in 5 minutes

Installing Knock is simple : you create a Knock account, then you install Knock Daemon on your servers using a single command line.

You gain immediate access to platform and servers synthetic dashboard, active alerts, responsive and zoomable graphs with forecast support.

You are instantly covered by our alerting system, as we provide the only monitoring solution with fully managed alerts for all components, from operating system to front-ends and back-ends layers.

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Turn-key monitoring

Sign-up, install our daemon, your platform is monitored

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