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Knock monitoring suite is now available for CentOs and RedHat distributions.

We're glad to announce the availability of Knock monitoring suite for CentOs 7 and RedHat Enterprise (REHL) 7, x86-64.

Knock Daemon v478 or greater adds full support for CentOs and REHL. As usual with Knock, it requires zero configuration and includes in standard:

  • Ready to use charts, alerting and notifications
  • Predictive support for all items
  • Platform overview across all servers
  • Operating system monitoring (cpu, memory, processes, swap, socket states and so on)
  • File system monitoring
  • Network interfaces monitoring
  • Dns resolving monitoring
  • Disks status
  • Web servers monitoring (apache, nginx)
  • Web application servers monitoring (php-fpm, uwsgi)
  • Databases (mysql, mongodb)
  • Cache servers (varnish, redis, memcached)
  • Business probes via SDKs.

Our installer has been upgraded and now works with full python code for all distributions.

Knock Daemon RPM packages are available through standard yum repositories.

Our RPM is shipped with its own python runtime to avoid any issues with python embedded in CentOs / RedHat (which is pretty old and cannot be upgraded without significant risks for the OS).

To install Knock, it's free and pretty simple:

You may also take a tour using our demo.

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